Feet in Focus employ an assessment process that utilises over forty years worth of footwear and foot care knowledge, aided with some of the most advanced tools and equipment available in the pedorthic world.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

In order for our team to thoroughly assess your condition and determine an appropriate treatment plan, it is encouraged to bring to your first appointment the following:

  • Existing footwear that is worn on a regular basis
  • Doctor’s referrals, reports, or scans relating to your feet, ankle, leg, or hips
  • Any orthotic devices you are currently using or have previously used

What should I expect at my first appointment?

During your initial consultation and assessment, the team at Feet in Focus will employ some or all of the following assessment procedures to determine the best solution for your individual needs:

Empiric Gait Analysis

An empiric gait analysis is the first step our Pedorthist will take to examine your walking and/or running style.

Static Analysis

This involves an evaluation of joint motion and alignment, with a strong focus placed on the relationship between the foot and the ground, as well as the position and alignment of the body.

Plantar Pressure Reading

At Feet in Focus, we use a sophisticated plantar pressure mapping system to evaluate the pressure applied to every part of your feet during both walking and standing.

3D Scanning System

Once we determine a treatment plan for you, we can take a 3D scan of your feet using the most accurate 3D foot scanning system available in the market. The scan will allow us to use CAD-CAM systems to develop your orthotic and footwear devices, ensuring 0.5mm accuracy.