Foot Orthotic Therapy

Foot Orthoses (also known as orthotic devices) are specially designed shoe inserts that help support the feet, improve foot posture, provide even weight distribution, and correct any imbalances.

Orthotics can also be beneficial for those who experience pain or symptoms due to sport activities

At Feet in Focus, we offer a variety of foot orthotic devices.

CADCAM Orthotics

Using a 3D scan of your feet along with computer processing, we design the perfect orthotic device for your feet, before sending it off to our milling machine. The output is an EVA-base custom-milled orthotic device that can be used to correct foot deformities and provide relief from chronic foot pain.

Custom Moulded Orthotics

The custom moulded orthotic process involves a combination of heat-mouldable materials vacuum-formed onto a positive mould of the foot. The orthoses can be accommodative or corrective, and can be used to offload peak plantar pressure points or to manipulate and correct foot function.

UCBL Rigid Orthotics

A rigid orthotic with a deep shell like shape, suitable for those with severe foot support requirements. The UCBL is often used for those with flexible flat feet, as it utilises three corrective components; holding the heel in a neutral position, and controlling both the medial arch and outside border of the forefoot.