Footwear Modifications

Footwear modifications can be applied to footwear in various methods to address a large range of foot, ankle, and mobility issues.

Footwear modifications are available for those who require corrective and accommodative features in their footwear, which can be applied to ready-made footwear as an alternative to producing custom-made footwear.

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Shoe/Heel Raises

Heel raises are indicated for minor leg length discrepancies, or equinus and achilles tendonitis issues.
Shoe raises can be used to address leg length discrepancies.


A wedge can be applied medially or laterally to the sole of footwear to improve the biomechanics of the foot and leg.

Rocker Soles

Rocker soles can be applied to the sole in various forms to reduce forces on the foot and ankle, to reduce the function or replace the lack of function of a joint.

Velcro Conversions

A velcro conversion involves the replacement of a lacing enclosure on footwear with velcro straps. Beneficial for those who have difficulty to tie up laces.


Relasting involves modifying the bottom of footwear in order to widen the midfoot or heel. This is particularly beneficial for people who have wide feet or valgus foot.


A stabiliser can be added medially or laterally to footwear in order to provide greater support and a wider platform for more stability.

Sole Flare

A medial and/or lateral addition to the sole to increase stability and direct force away from the modified side.


Solid Ankle Cushion Heel involves the addition of a softer material at the heel of the sole to reduce plantar forces at heel strike and compensate for reduced ankle motion.

Sole Stiffener

This process involves removal of the sole in order to add a wider steel shank or carbon plate, after which a new sole is fitted on the footwear. This reduces flexion and rotation of the foot, reducing strain on joints and assist in normalising gait.