Although a referral isn't required to attain an appointment at Feet in Focus, different referral procedures may apply if you wish to utilise a funding scheme.

Download our referral form by clicking here.

Although it can be helpful with the consultation process, a referral is not required for those who wish to access our services with self-funding.

If you wish to make a private health fund claim for custom-made orthopaedic footwear and foot orthotic devices, a referral form may be required. Please contact your private health fund to determine individual requirements to process claims.

EnableNSW funding may be available for permanent residents of NSW, or refugees that reside in NSW.

The following eligibility criteria applies to all applicants:

  • the person has a permanent or long-term disability;
  • the person has long-term assistive technology needs that have stabilised and allow them to remain in a community setting;
  • the person has not received compensation or damages in respect of the disability for which the assistive technology device or support is required;
  • and the person is not eligible to receive the assistive technology under any other government-funded program.

As EnableNSW is a service directed to individuals who are financially disadvantaged, access to EnableNSW is means tested. More information about the financial criteria can be found on the EnableNSW website by clicking here.

EnableNSW Application Process:

The application process involves three parts:

  1. The applicant must complete the EnableNSW Application form
  2. An eligible prescriber must complete the Footwear & Orthotics Request form
  3. Following a consultation with us to determine your footwear and/or orthotic requirements, a quotation to attach to your Request Form.

For more information about the EnableNSW process, please contact our office.

The ACT Equipment Scheme (ACTES) is available for eligible ACT residents who suffer from a long term illness or disability requiring assistive technology.

Applicants must be ACT residents for a minimum of 6 months and hold a current Centrelink Pension Card or Health Care Card.

ACTES Application Process:

The application process involves two parts:

  1. An ACTES application form, with relevant sections to be completed by the applicant, the Medical Practitioner, and Primary Therapist.
  2. Following a consultation with us to determine your footwear and/or orthotic requirements, a quotation to attach to your ACTES application.

For more information or to access the ACTES application process, please contact the ACT Village Creek Centre reception directly on (02) 6207 0658.

As an NDIS registered provider, we can provide our custom-made orthopaedic footwear and orthotic devices under the assistive technology program to agency-managed, plan-managed, and self-managed NDIS participants.

The NDIS Process:

As NDIS plans may be agency-managed, plan-managed, and self-managed, there are multiple factors that may affect the way in which you can access our services using your NDIS funding.

The initial step would be to determine if you require an Assistive Technology Assessment (report) and quotation, or only a quotation for your individual NDIS plan.

The second step would be to contact our office to make an appointment for an initial consultation and assessment. The appointment will be to assess and determine what assistive technology is required, as well as creating a service agreement and quotation.

If an Assistive Technology Assessment is required for your plan, it will be completed at a later date following the initial consultation.

You can find more information about accessing Assistive Technology through the NDIS by clicking here.

At Feet in Focus, we accept referrals for individuals accessing cover from their worker’s compensation insurance.

This process usually involves a pre-approval for an initial consultation and assessment, following which a recommendation and quotation is provided for the devices/services required by the individual.

Please contact our office directly for more information.