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Principal Pedorthist

Khajag Moskofian

Certified Pedorthist Custom Maker (CPedCM) 

Khajag completed his pedorthic training with the Australian School of Pedorthics. He maintains his certification as a Pedorthist Custom Maker with the Pedorthic Association of Australia (PAA) and expands his knowledge by completing annual continuing professional development.

Under the tutelage of his father, he combines over 50 years worth of custom footwear knowledge and skills with innovative techniques and equipment sourced from around the world to improve and advance the services offered by the team. Khajag enjoys attending regular domestic and international conferences in both pedorthics and related foot-health fields, and endeavours to remain current with the latest research and evidence in the treatment and application of pedorthic footwear and orthotic therapy.

Khajag sat on the board of directors of the Pedorthic Association of Australia from 2016 to 2023, as well as serving two years as Vice-President, and continues to contribute to the Association for the progression of pedorthics in the country.

What is a Pedorthist?

Certified Pedorthist Custom Makers are allied health professionals specialised in assessment of foot conditions, and the design, manufacture, fitting, and modification of footwear and orthotic devices to address problems related to the foot and lower limb.

In Australia, pedorthics is a self-regulating health profession, and registration and certification is voluntary. Pedorthic practitioners are required to complete a certification process with the Pedorthic Association of Australia in order to use the credential Certified Pedorthist. Following successful certification, annual re-certification requirements must be met, including the completion of a minimum 30 hours of continuing professional development, as well as adhering to stringent codes of ethics and conduct.

As the governing body of pedorthics in Australia, PAA is tasked with ensuring its certified pedorthic members are providing safe and ethical pedorthic services to the public.

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